bwoman-andmanDumolLtd is a Ghanaian registered company located in Madina, Accra-Ghana that has been in operation for about 10 years, providing technical consultant services and project implementations to the Telecom and power industries in Ghana. The company has a network of experienced Engineers and Technicians working in various sectors of the economy.

Dumol has under taken alot of national telecom and power projects in the country and the neighbouring West Africa countries in consortium with other companies. The company has under gone restructuring and development and is now capable of handling turnkey projects in both the Telecom and the power sectors of the economy especially with the up surge in there new able energy sector for Solar power production.

Dumol has repositioned itself with the requisite skills and trained personnel to undertake such major projects for the high national grid capacity requirements.


  • To ensure the availability of constant and renewable energy supply by the provision of solar energy to power economic activity in new business developments for both residential and commercial purposes and also to augment the national grid power supply system where there would be urgent requirements for expansion or short falls in the supply system for emergency cases.

Goals and Objectives

  • To be an efficient organization to implement alternative power supply that would be financially profitable and therefore become economically sustainable.
  • For investors to have a low risk, safe and attractive investment opportunity.
  • To ensure customers get good and reliable outcome.
  • Society as a whole gets a positive impact